Industrial ceramics industry cluster development momentum is strong

Today, when it comes to Tangshan City, many people will be reflected in the mind, “industrial ceramics” four words. This is the reputation of the emerging Chinese porcelain in the north of the city is relying on its resource advantages, unswervingly develop the ceramic industry, has attracted a large number of powerful enterprises to enter the formation of the industry cluster development of a good momentum, out of a To the development of resources industry, industry with lead to the project to promote the development of new industrial economic development. However, Tangshan Daming Ceramics Co., Ltd. is one of them, is also an indispensable enterprise.

Industrial ceramics industry to the scale of the upper level, to promote the development of industrial clusters is a must, Tangshan City, the ceramic industry project as a county economy to promote the development of a powerful engine, firmly establish the “big grasp project, grasp the big project” The use of industrial park this platform, to promote industrial projects to focus on the park, efforts to implement the “industrial park file drive project.” Tangshan City to kaolin resources as the basis, take the initiative to undertake the gradient of ceramic industry, parked by the park project, to build a provincial ceramic industry demonstration base.

Industrial ceramics industrial park total planning area of 28 square kilometers, of which 10.84 square kilometers of industrial areas, leisure resort 17.16 square kilometers, start area of 3.82 square kilometers, has invested a total of 400 million yuan, the construction of infrastructure. The park focuses on non-metallic new materials industry, highlighting the industrial ceramic production projects, focusing on industrial ceramics and sanitary ceramics, taking into account high-tech ceramics, new decorative materials, etc., for 10 years to build the northeast ceramic industry base. The park has now landed five ceramic production enterprises, supporting enterprises 5, of which 550 million yuan investment in the construction of the PARKnSHOP in the wall production project, invest 500 million yuan to build Lanxess interior wall project, invest 300 million yuan new ceramic Tile and antique tiles and other production projects are accelerating; Qiqihar animal husbandry Long porcelain industry, a production of external wall split brick production and sales booming, investment of 110 million yuan Liao Jinyuan daily porcelain project production line put into production, the second The production line solid progress. Deer mold, ceramic flower, carton packaging and other supporting projects to speed up the follow-up. All of these projects put into effect, the annual profits and taxes can be achieved 354 million yuan, the ceramic industry presents a complementary symbiotic cluster development trend, to fill the Hebei ceramic industry blank. With a project settled in Tangshan, the city has entered the project development speed super fast, super good economic benefits, the development of high quality new era.

Environment determines the speed of development, service determines the quality of development. Tangshan City, firmly grasp the ceramic industrial park was included in the “Kazakhstan Qi” industrial corridor development planning favorable opportunity, in accordance with the “gradual construction, rolling development” principle and “seven links and one leveling” construction standards, to promote the park’s infrastructure Construction, for the introduction of more enterprises settled in Yian laid a solid foundation. Hired HIT Engineering Design Institute and Foshan Ceramics Association experts, to further improve the depth of the park planning. At present, the park water, electricity, roads, gas and other facilities to BT and other means a total investment of 400 million yuan. County finance matching 83.52 million yuan, the park to the county 9 km road upgrade to the provincial level pavement. Plans to invest 200 million yuan to strengthen the park infrastructure construction. In view of the reality of the low level of the park, according to the county also seize the transport convenience, low cost of the pad soil height of the project area, nearly two years to complete the earth 348 million cubic meters. In accelerating the construction of industrial areas on the basis of Yian County adhere to the integration of the concept of development, focus on building life, leisure and entertainment, tourism as one of the comprehensive development zone. At present, the eye heat wells have been successful water, water temperature of 52 degrees Celsius, ceramic park for the development of leisure projects ready.

Green development, recycling, low-carbon development is the key words of the 18th, which means that the new era of ceramic industry to unswervingly promote the development of low-carbon economy, product structure adjustment, comprehensive utilization of energy, innovative technology and equipment, Energy-saving emission reduction and many other aspects of the realization of new development and leap. With Tangshan ceramic industry base was included in the provincial industrial park, so that Hebei has become a hot investment, domestic well-known ceramic production enterprises after another. In the face of unprecedented investment opportunities, in the face of a tempting investment projects, according to the county government adhere to the path of high-tech development, adhere to the principle of lack of lack of investment, declined to meet the industrial policy, can not achieve zero emissions, product convergence , Low-grade products, follow-up investment ability is weak, there is no market sales network of enterprises. At the same time, adhere to the “scientific development, standardize the development, according to law development” and “who have the ability to be leading” principle, careful selection of business, focusing on the development of existing industrial enterprises, promote ceramic industry park and ceramic industry healthy and sustainable development. Today, the industrial ceramics industry has gradually developed into a pillar industry in Tangshan, Tangshan in the investment and project construction process will be out of the “card” and “hard card.”

Post time: Jul-17-2019