Alumina Grinding Ball

  • Ball mill alumina grinding media

    Ball mill alumina grinding media

    Alumina grinding balls are widely used in ball mills as abrasive media for ceramic raw materials and glaze materials. Ceramic, cement and enamel factories as well as glasswork plants use them because of their excellence of high density, their high hardness, and their high wear resistance. During the abrasive/grinding processing, ceramic balls will rarely be broken and the contamination factor is minimal.

  • High alumina ceramic grinding media

    High alumina ceramic grinding media

    Alumina Grinding Media is high grade milling media produced by isostatic pressing and fired at high temperature. These feature high hardness, high density, low wear loss, good normalization, and good corrosion resistance.

  • Alumina (Al2O3) Grinding Balls

    Alumina (Al2O3) Grinding Balls

    Microcrystalline abrasion-resistant alumina ball is a high-quality grinding medium, made of selected advanced materials, advanced forming technology, and calcined in a high-temperature tunnel kiln. This product has high density, high hardness, low wear, good seismic stability and good corrosion resistance. It is the most ideal medium for grinding glazes, billets and mineral powders, and is used as a grinding medium for ceramic and cement ball mills. , Coatings, refractories, inorganic mineral powder and other industries.

  • 92% High alumina grinding media balls

    92% High alumina grinding media balls

    Alumina grinding media ball is mainly used in ceramic, glaze, paint, zirconia silicate, aluminum oxide, quartz, silicon carbide, talc, lime carbonate, kaolin, titanium and other materials grinding,  and mechanical equipment accessories.