80 Cerium Stabilized Ceramic Grinding Media Balls , High Shear Sand Mill Grinding Media

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Cerium stabilized zirconia ceramic grinding media beads is made of cerium stabilized zirconia powder by a process of titration molding, and baking and phasing. The microstructure of the beads is more delicate and denser, which is suitable for the dispersion and grinding of high solid content and difficult to decompose materials. It is the largest specific ceramic grinding media.

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Composition 87~80% ZrO2 , 13~20% CeO2
Packed Density 3.8(Φ7mm) Kg/L
Specific Density 5.5~6.2 g/cm3
Moh's 8.5~9.0
Elastic modulus 200 GPa
Thermal Conductivity 3 W/m.K
Crushing Load ≥10 (Φ7mm) KN
Fracture Toughness 8.5 MPam1-2
Thermal expansion Coeffcient(20-400 °C) 9.0 10x10 -6 / °C(20-400)

The microstructure is fine, uniform, and dense tetragonal crystallites, giving it a jewel-like hardness and density, making it the biggest true density of all zirconia beads.

Its excellent wear resistance and fracture toughness are especially suitable for pure grinding and dispersion of high solid phase, high viscosity, high hardness slurry;

At the same time, it is well matched with high input energy and high shear sand mill.


1. New energy lithium battery: lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, graphite, silicon carbon, graphene, carbon nanotubes, alumina ceramic diaphragm, etc.

2. Digital inkjet ink: thermal transfer ink, solvent ink, weak solvent ink, digital printing paint ink, digital printing disperse dye ink, pigment ink, LED-UV special curing ink, water-based universal pigment ink, coating ink, printing Ink, pen ink.

3. Paint, ink, dyes: automotive paint, wood paint, anti-corrosive paint, resin, offset ink, UV ink, gravure ink, water-based ink, water-based varnish, UV varnish, disperse dye, fluorescent dye, metallic pigment, Titanium dioxide and so on.

4. Ceramic inks and glazes: ceramic inks, glass pigments, ceramic glaze pigments, wrapping pigments, low-temperature glaze pigments, high-temperature fast-burning glaze pigments, metallic luster pigments, glass pigments, etc.

5. Electronic materials and magnetic materials: soft magnetic, permanent magnet, conductive ink, silver paste, rare earth metal, target, graphene conductive agent, electronic insulator material, piezoelectric material, ceramic capacitor material.

6. Pesticides Agrochemicals: Pesticides suspensions

7. Food,Cosmetics and medicine : chocolate grinding, creamy cosmetics, nanometer pharmaceutical powder

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