Alumina ceramic Wear-resistant Hexagonal Tile mats

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Alumina ceramic is next to diamond in hardness, is 12 times more wear-resistant than carbon steel, and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

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Alumina ceramic Hex Tile Mat Introduction

Alumina ceramic is next to diamond in hardness, is 12 times more wear-resistant than carbon steel, and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Alumina ceramic tiles can be used as a lining in shaped equipment parts and components, as well as piping. The tiles provide a smooth surface that is highly resistant to wear and corrosion.Yiho alumina ceramic tiles are available in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, and can be custom ordered to fit specific equipment and parts. Available tile shapes include square, rectangular, hexagonal, and others upon request. For applications involving curvatures, Yiho alumina ceramic tiles are available with a mesh backing and bevelled edges which allow the tile to flex and mold appropriately to curved surfaces.

Wear-resistant alumina ceramic hex mats prevent erosion and abrasive wear in conveying and bulk material handling systems. Their flexible design allows for lining of intricate systems including fan blades, chutes, hoppers, and more.

Order quantities may range from one box of ten mats up to container loads.

Alumina ceramic Hex Tile Mat Technical Technical Data

Ceramic Material: 92%, 95%, 99% Alumina

Surface Finish: As-Fired/ White

Dimensional Tolerance: ±1%









≥ 95%

≥ 99%











HV 20





Rock Hardness HRA





Bending Strength MPa





Compression strength MPa





Fracture Toughness (KIc MPam 1/2)





Wear Volume (cm3)





Alumina Ceramic Hex Tile Mat Technical Dimension

Thickness Range: 1/8” through 1” (Metric: 3-25mm)

Size Range: 6” x 6”, 12” x 12” 12”x20” (Metric: 150x150mm, 300x300mm, 300x500mm, 500x500mm)

Hexagonal tile S12xT3mm, S12xT6mm,S12xT12mm, S12xT20mm


Square tile 10x10x2mm, 10x10x3mm,10x10x4mm, 10x10x8mm,

17.5x17.5x3~10mm, 20x20x4mm,

20x20x5mm, 20x20x6mm,

20x20x8mm, 20x20x10mm


Mat Size 150X150mm, 300x300mm, 300x500mm,500x500mm


Sticked material Acetate Cloth, Nylon mesh, Kraft Paper

Alumina Ceramic Hex Tile Mat Application

> Used to construct ceramic rubber plate as wear-and-impact-resistant lining.

> Used as Alumina ceramic materials on the industries of chemical, mining, metallurgical, cement etc.

> Directly fixing on the equipment, easy control and application.

> Used as component of ceramic bearing.

> Used for ceramic pulley lagging.

> Used for conveying engineering in mining industry.

Yiho manufactures ceramic lined fittings, piping, composite wear plates/pannel and custom engineered ceramic products and ceramic grinding media for mining& Mineral processing. Yiho specialize in the most severe service applications by using impact and abrasion resistant ceramic materials.

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